Chalkboard Chain

T h e   C h a l k b o a r d   C h a i n   P r o j e c t

Welcome to the Chalkboard Chain!! So, one day I was reading a book about inspiring ways people have used their creative abilities to give back, and this idea just randomly popped in my I'm doing iiiit!!! There's just so much negative in the world today...this is my way of fighting back lol. This is also inspired by one of the greatest commandments God gave us, which is to love one another.  I think this is a pretty cool and simple way to do that. The mission is to spread love worldwide, and that's done simply by writing positive messages on a small chalkboard, sending it to someone, and then that person reads it and does the same...and repeat...forever lol.

If you're interested in starting a chain, below you will find instructions for making the chalkboard and some mailing suggestion. Come on. Do it. You know you want to. If you do start/receive a chain, make sure you share on the Chalkboard Chain Facebook or Instagram page (@chalkboardchain)!

Materials Needed: 

1. Cut it! Evidently, I deleted some of the pics intended for this post, but you all know what cardboard and scissors look like lol. I started by using scissors to cut the flaps of a box to my desired size. I just eyeballed this, but it ended up being 9.5" x 7.25".  Nine or ten inches by seven inches is just fine. 

2. Paint it! I have pictures now. Paint one side of the cardboard with the chalkboard paint. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the bottle for coats and drying time, etc.

3. Frame it! After the paint is dry, use your fancy duct tape to create a colorful frame around your chalkboard. My choices...

A completed chalkboard...

All five chalkboards that I made...

4. Tape it! ...the chain instructions. This is what I typed up, printed out, and taped to the back. You can make your own variation of course. This is no dictatorship lol. But, do keep the info about the purpose, where to share, and the mailing suggestions. What I wrote:
Welcome to the chalkboard chain! The purpose of this chain is to spread messages of love, encouragement, hope, all things positive…in a creative way. After you read the message I wrote to you, erase it and write a new message to someone else, and send it off. Simple. If you’d like to share receiving/sending a chalkboard chain, visit or mention @ChalkboardChain on Instagram when you post. You can also get instructions for starting your own chains on the Facebook page! 
Mailing suggestions: 
If the original packaging is no longer usable, bubble mailers would be best to send it in. They provide a little cushion, and they can be found at some dollar stores so, they’re also cheap J. If you decide to deliver it to the next person by hand, be sure to include the chalk/chalk holder and the bubble mailer. 
                                                                                                                                            Date Started: 
I completely covered the instructions on the back using clear mailing/storage tape. You can just tape around the edges with the clear tape if you like, or use the duct tape from your frame to tape it.

5. Mail it! Once all that is done, you're ready to send it off. Be sure to include the chalk holder...and chalk. I suggested bubble mailers for packaging because they provide some cushion and I found them at Dollar Tree. Easy on the pockets. And it's a just go ahead and start two chains :).

The end.

Stay inspired.