FIGMENT is an organization that puts together community-based art events full of awesome participatory projects and is completely run by volunteers. The development, production and experience of FIGMENT is guided by these 11 principles: Participation, Decommodification, Inclusion, Self-Expression, Self-Reliance, Giving, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leave No Trace, Immediacy and Gratitude. And if you just read all that and you're like "Whaaaaaaat?"'s a video that may help you further understand what FIGMENT is all about...

This will be FIGMENT's first year coming to DC!!! Other places where FIGMENT happens are New York, Boston, Jackson, Mississippi, and Detroit. Well, I submitted a project to FIGMENT and it was accepted. Woohooooo!!!! The event takes place in DC at the beautiful Yards Park, September 29, 2012. If you're interested in participating in FIGMENT and those 11 principles struck a chord with you, visit their website for more info!

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