Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DIY | Wooden Letter Photo Collage

I absolutely love the way this turned out! It was really simple to do. Decide on your letter(s), pick out your photos, cut and glue! This is a nice way to add a creative wall display. I hung (will hang) mine over my door...It's just sitting up there at the moment, which isn't safe lol.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DIY | Self Love Mirror Project

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to talk to a group of young ladies about loving themselves and...because I'm me...there had to be some element of creativity. It has been a whiiiiiile since the last time I posted something (fixing that), so I thought I'd share this craft activity. It came out great!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Created to Create

Since I fully agree with this thought that we all are created to create...and I really liked this video, I thought I'd share. It features a poem, by Jon Jorgenson, about how we all have it in us to create as we were made in the likeness of the ultimate Creator. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY | Folding Chair Revamp

I've been wanting a new chair to go with this small table (that I still need to spray paint yellow), so I took the opportunity to do a DIY and remake a chair of my own. Something more my style. The results...

No...I didn't protect the garage floor when I was spraying oops. But I was able to sweep most of that up. This was pretty simple to do...to me lol. But honestly, I think anyone can do this...just a little spraying and some stapling. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

7 Questions To End Your Week With from Behind the Hustle

A friend of mine shared a blog post from Behind the Hustle with me about reflecting on your week. They gave a list of seven progressive questions you should ask yourself to keep moving forward as each week goes by. I've grown to understand the importance of reflecting on the things that happen in my life on a DAILY basis...I might reflect too much if you can do that lol. This post is aimed towards reflecting on your career, but a lot of these questions can be used for many areas in life.

Check out the 7 Questions To End Your Week With post here.

Stay Inspired.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

EXTRAordinary People | Tiffani Nicole Denham

Tiffani Nicole Denham
Creator and Owner of JiHe (Jewel in His eye) Jewelry 

First interview of the year!! Woohoo! So, I love this here Southern Belle lol...straight from Memphis, TN. She shares with us her wonderful selection of jewelry and her passion for living a purposeful life.  She is VERY inspiring, and I hope her story motivates you to live with purpose as it has me!

Without further ado...   

W&I: What INSPIRED you?

Tiffani: I LOVE people, so anything that keeps me interacting and connecting with them constantly, I’m all for! Oh, and I have a thing for fashion too, hahahaha!

Before I started JiHe, I always felt there HAD to be more to my life than what I was doing... work, church, alumni association involvement, etc. I just could not figure out what it was. I remember sitting on a plane back in the spring of 2012, crying to a complete stranger because I couldn't figure out what I love to do that would make an impact in the lives of those I came in contact with. A few days after that I had a series of dreams.

In the dreams, I was shown three things that I am passionate about, children, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fashion. The fashion dream was the last in the series and the one that stood out to me the most. I saw a bracelet, so simple, so dainty, so beautiful and I had never seen one like it in real life before. The entire day after having that dream, I saw that bracelet in my mind and I said, “I am going to make it!” I did and it was a'ight, nothing spectacular. That didn’t discourage me though. I started making jewelry for my family, my mom, brother, his girlfriend, pretty much anyone that would wear my pieces. However, I quickly found out how difficult it was to build an inventory AND work a 40 hr a week job, darn responsibilities! So I started to research how I could continue to move down the same path of starting a jewelry business without making all my pieces and I began to find quality wholesale jewelry. This is how JiHe Jewelry all started.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Introducing The Chalkboard Chain

Hola!! Yeeeeep...it's been a while. I'm starting the new year off with a new, inspiring project: The Chalkboard Chain. It involves making a small chalkboard (easier than it may sound), writing something positive, sending it/giving it to someone, that person reads your message, then writes a new one, sends it off to someone else, and repeat. The point is simply to spread positivity. The complete story and instructions can be found in the new tab up top, Chalkboard Chain. Check it out! Start one!...and when you do, make sure you share it on The Chalkboard Chain Project Instagram and Facebook page!

Stay Inspired.