Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creativity365 Day 37

Today's Instructions: Create a Rorschach test-style inkblot print. Put a small amount of ink or paint on a piece of paper, fold it in half, and press the halves together, then open it to reveal the image. Bonus: Have your friends interpret it!
Rorschach test: A psychological test in which subjects are asked to describe images they see in a set of inkblots so that their responses to them can be analyzed.

There was no psychoanalysis taking place here, but I sent this pic out to a couple of friends via text message...and this is what I got back...

"Hookah" -Nikki             

"Cee Lo Green's Crazy video..." -Dante'         

 "" -Britni              

"Elephant" -Hodges           

"A elephant from a bird's eye view...with its ears out! And tail sticking out" -Anice

"A dust mite...the ones that are microscopic" -Desiree'

"Two people holding on to each other bungee jumping...their heads are down and they have a lot of gear something off of road rules" - Imani

"The first thing I think of is an elephant...Then I see something diving down like a jet or a bird like an eagle" -Anthony

 "A a symbol for a crew, gang, team, etc." -Terry

"I see the eyes of the robot Johnny. It was a movie back in the day. Johnny Number 5 from the movie Short Circuit." -Kalif

"Like a sea turtle but definitely an animal with a tail, two hands and a pointy mouth." -Charis

"A bird's eye view of an elephant lying down" -Regina

"Chandelier" -Japera

"It looks like the top view of an elephant with its trunk sticking straight out and its ears flapping out a bit." -Lindsey

"Looks like an elephant or a chandelier..." -Serenity

"I think of a top view of an elephant." -Lashaun

"Elephant." -Kazman

"I probably wasn't supposed to flip it upside down but I see some sort of soldier like in 300." -Shena

"Goose flapping its wings." -My mom

What did I see? I saw a mystical creature that swims at the very bottom of the ocean. It's swimming downward with its arms back by its side, the long skinny part in the back is the tail and then it has two big feet with two toes...yep lol.

What did you think of when you first saw it?


  1. Even though you didn't do a psychoanalysis....I did!!! I determined that some of you kids have issues....especially Terry and Dante..gang signs!!....videos....!!! Ay Dios Mio!!!! Lol

  2. lol!!!!! yaay for Elephants!!!