Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EXTRAordinary People | Patrice Jones Nickols

Singer - Songwriter - Entrepreneur

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to super talented singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Patrice Jones Nickols (formerly Patrice Jones), from Glendarden, MD. She is doing some amazing things out here and is most certainly an inspiration...a Wonder Woman indeed.  Without further ado...

W&I: What INSPIRED you?

Patrice: Singing and songwriting started for me because many people in my family are musicians in some way...but as I grew older, I believe the stories and feelings of people I encounter now serves as my inspiration...I like telling stories and I like to write about what I call the "in-between" feelings...a lot of songs nowadays talk about getting money, partying, or being in love...but I think about the journey that it takes to get to those feelings....You're getting money huh?? I want to hear about the struggle it took to get to that, because I may be IN the struggle NOW and not be quite "riding around and getting it" yet lol...You're in love?? Tell me about the day-to-day issues you and your man went through to be in such bliss now, because my man may be pissing me off today lol!

W&I: What keeps you WIRED?

Patrice: My family and friends keep me motivated! I made a Facebook post the other day about this because like 3 of my family members said they were listening to my songs that same day! They believe in me SO much so I believe it's my duty to do my best. Sometimes that can get in the way, because I'll be scared to disappoint folks so I try to make everything perfect and that can slow you down...but they see something in me each day, so I owe them that much. I also believe God gave me MANY gifts and I don't want be at the end of my life and feel that I wasted it.

W&I: How do you hope to inspire others?

Patrice: I hope to inspire others by showing them through my story and work ethic that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It does not matter what ANYONE else says, God is real and whatever HE says will be done, WILL be done. I was paralyzed when I was 8 years old and was never supposed to walk again! I played Basketball and ran Track, and now I wear stilettos whenever I get the chance, so you can't tell me He isn't real!!

W&I: Words of wisdom?

Patrice: LEARN YOUR BUSINESS EVEN IF IT IS AN "ART" ! One reason I have gone a different route is because I never wanted to end up like a lot of talented people I admire that have the talent, but not the business-sense. They end up broke or doing things they are ashamed of later on because they were trying to make it the quick way. The entertainment business is a BEAST and it is very hard to navigate through-especially for women (just being real).  If you want longevity but want to be WEALTHY not RICH, it is important to learn your business and hold on to your integrity.

People have not always understood decisions or routes that I have taken at times, but I have been obedient to HIM and I know that if I continue to study my craft, work SMART, and be in a place where I can enjoy my craft...the success will come! I hope others remember that for themselves!

W&I: We want to know more!!

Patrice: You can follow me on Twitter @tricejones! I am currently performing as "Kevette" in the Musical "Secret Lives of Ministry Wives" by Nicole Morgan (www.slmw.net) ; I'm a backing vocalist for a few artists of the DMV like Sheila Nychole (@sheilanychole)---she's an AMAZING vocalist! I love her!!! ; and I finally have my publishing company Singing Sensation Inc., so in conjunction with my two partners Silvio "Remedy" Delis and Marcus Marshall (ITRAX), I am writing/recording and shopping songs for Television and Major Artists (I won't drop names, just prayers and crossed fingers :-) !!!!)

Here are three of my songs, all written by me. 
(Just click the song title and push play under "Listen to mp3")

"Gotta Be Your Lady"- Produced by Silvio "Remedy" Delis, 
Vocal Production by V.Rich & Patrice Jones 

"Sexy"- Produced by Patrice Jones & The Beatfellaz NYC

"Wonder Woman" - Produced by Shawn "Crack" Lee


W&I: See what I'm saying folks! Very inspirational. Be sure to check her out. Thanks Patrice!! 


  1. As an woman dabbling into entrepreneurship I find her story to be very inspirational. I found her "Words of Wisdom" to be very helpful; although, I've heard similar words of wisdom, it it always reassuring and motivating to hear them again. As usual, great interview.

  2. Patrice Jones NickolsApril 24, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    Thanks for the opportunity Shannon! I loved Wired & Inspired!!