Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About My Figment Project: ENVISAGE

I spoke briefly about Figment DC before (and there's a tab for that ^^^) but I want to share a little more about my project idea for the event. Figment is a community-based art event full of cool interactive activities. I have this video in my Figment tab, but I'm going to post it again here because I have a hard time describing this event lol...I have a hard time describing things in general.

This is Figment's first time coming to DC and I'm super excited about it! This is also my first time doing something like this so I'm a little anxious about how it's going to come out...but excited nonetheless. My project involves some wood work lol. Yes, heavy duty cutting machinery. You saw what I did to my finger with a pair of scissors lol. I'll probably have my dad do all that stuff though. He's good at construction and designing things. So on to my project... The title of it is ENVISAGE. I've always liked that word lol. It pretty much means to imagine..."to contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event" according to Google. That's pretty much what my project is all about, so it was the perfect title. Project: ENVISAGE will consist of a community vision board where people can express their future goals/vision by painting, making a collage, drawing, spray paint...whatever means you want to use to get it off your chest. It will also feature large frames with cool & wacky designs for an awesome photo op. This portion is titled "Frame of Mind". The idea is for people to act out where they see themselves in the future...or you can just take a regular's your world lol. I think this project will be tons of fun and I'll definitely keep you all posted on what's going on with that. So make sure you come out September 29th to the Yards Park and experience DC's first ever Figment event and visit my project :) Put it on your calendars!!! Any posts or new info regarding my Figment project and Figment in general can be found, up top, in the Figment tab...if you happen to miss when I post it.

Stay Inspired.

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