Thursday, October 4, 2012

EXTRAordinary People | Carmela Wood

Creator of Maryland-based jewelry line, Pure Love

I am so late excited to introduce you all to the very awesome Carmela Wood!!! I absolutely love her blog and she makes some OFFICIAL high-quality jewelry and is just, in general, a very kind and supportive person. If you do nothing else, do yourself a favor and check out Pure Love! She is doing some inspirational things!! Without further ado...

W&I: What INSPIRED you?

Carmela: I would have to say that my passion for art has been my biggest inspiration, along with my little obsession with fashion. It seems the two, art and fashion, have always been a major factor in my life. When I was in high school, I use to fantasize about owning a clothing line and I would sketch designs mainly of dresses in my personal sketchbook. As I got older it progressed into jewelry. While in college, one of my art professors noticed that a lot of my art incorporated jewelry - before then I never noticed my fascination with it. Once I realized that jewelry was another form of art, I started to create pieces for me; it eventually progressed into a jewelry line for others. 
W&I: What keeps you WIRED?

Carmela: My supportive family, friends, and clients keep me motivated the most. Their words of encouragement and constant requests drive my jewelry designs and creations.  

W&I: How do you hope to inspire others?

Carmela: I hope that I can inspire other women and young ladies to use their gifts/talents that God has given them to help others in some way. Although Pure Love is currently limited to making a donation of 5% from each purchase to a charity, I am in the process of writing a proposal that will combine my talents along with charity.

W&I: Words of wisdom?

Carmela: Despite your critics, know that you are good enough. I think my biggest critic in life has been myself and sometimes I have simply been too hard on myself. At times, I have allowed myself and others to put my work down and make me think that I am not as good as others. Yet, I am good enough. I’ve come to realize that everyone is not going to like what I do and that is fine. It does not make me (or you) any less of an artist, because someone else does not get what it is that I do. Ultimately, we must recognize our talent(s) and put them to good use.

W&I: Preeeach. We want to know more?!! 

Carmela: It is my belief that I was created to, among other things, design, inspire, and serve. With each purchase made, a portion will be donated to charity - 5%. This year, Pure Love supports The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). So far, Pure Love has raised $51.50 for RAINN; hopefully much more will be raised before the end of the year. To find out more about Pure Love and future events, visit me at:

W&I: You are definitely an inspiration. Thanks Carmela!! Be sure to go and check out her jewelry and blog over at Pure Love. Make sure you peep the archive too to see some of the other jewelry she has created in the past. Good stuff right?!

Stay Inspired.

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  1. Thank you so much for thinking enough of me and my work to do an interview with me. I appreciate the love and support.