Friday, October 5, 2012

EXTRAordinary People | Nerea aka Aeren Waters

Scientist by day, Designer by night

Yes, this is the week of EXTRAordinary People...well, two days lol and today, I'm blessing you with the lovely and talented designer Nerea aka Aeren Waters! I first met Nerea when we were both selling goods in the Art-to-go Marketplace at Artomatic. She was SUPER cool. Felt like I knew her for years lol. Check out all the good she's up to. Without further ado...

W&I: Where are you from?

Nerea: My family is from T&T (Trinidad and Tobago), but I was born in the US, here in DC, and raised in MD.

W&I: Tell us a little about what you do? 

Nerea: I am “a current lab rat, whose experimental designs make bold statements”. By day, I am a scientist, specializing in molecular biology. By night (until the wee hours of the morning), I am a fashion designer/artist/creative force. I think my creative side has always shown through in my style since I was young, but in recent years, I felt the need to release this side of me…for the world to see!

Last year, I started a company/alter ego, Aeren Waters. I wanted a name that would emanate necessity. And I thought “What is/are some things that we need?” Two things that we definitely need are air and water, hence Aeren Waters was born. And Aeren is actually my first name backwards :).

Currently, Aeren Waters is on Etsy. Handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces (yes folks, I usually only have 1 or 2 of each item, and that’s it!). I make totes, clutches and men's wallets. My goal with my pieces is to create something that will make people take a second look.

W&I: Oh're a scientist?!...and you're real name isn't Aeren?lol I'm learning new things about you. What INSPIRED you?

Nerea: My biggest inspiration was my need to create, and I was tired of making excuses of not having enough time (but I really don't LOL). I only have this lifetime, this "now” to do what I want to do, so why not?

W&I: What keeps you WIRED?

Nerea: 2 things: My son, and the desire to know that I, at least, tried.

W&I: How do you hope to inspire others?

Nerea: I hope I can inspire others to express themselves through fashion, if they can't by other means.  I also hope to convey that it is never too late to try something new and follow through with something you enjoy, despite what others may say.

W&I: Words of wisdom?

Nerea: 1) What you put out to the world will NOT appeal to everyone, and that's just fine.
2) Focus on your craft. People will see that and appreciate it. Why? Because you appreciate it.  People can sense when you are not committed to your craft or what you are doing.
3) People pay attention to innovators.
4) Seek advice from those already doing what you want to do; it's always helpful to learn from their mistakes to avoid making the same ones.

W&I: Ah...we have a theme this week with that first point lol. Never mind the nay-sayers. We want to know more?!!

Nerea: You all want to know more, huh? :) Well there are a lot of ideas/projects I have swirling in my head, and in the works. Keep tabs on me, though, through Twitter (@AerenWaters) and Facebook ( If you want to purchase any of my couture goodies, visit my Etsy shop at For "garb-ation" (I DEFINE THIS AS THE STATE OF WHAT YOU WEAR) inspiration, I am on Tumblr ( THANKS FOR FEATURING ME, SHANNON!!

W&I: Lol @ "You all want to know more huh?"'s the little things for me lol. No thank you for participating :) I wish you much success. Keep doing what you do!! Be sure to check her out folks!!

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  1. Thank you for including me in your EXTRAordinary series. Takes one to know one. I feel so special!