Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY | Folding Chair Revamp

I've been wanting a new chair to go with this small table (that I still need to spray paint yellow), so I took the opportunity to do a DIY and remake a chair of my own. Something more my style. The results...

No...I didn't protect the garage floor when I was spraying oops. But I was able to sweep most of that up. This was pretty simple to me lol. But honestly, I think anyone can do this...just a little spraying and some stapling. 

  • Folding chair (with removable cushions)
  • Fabrics (got 1/2 a yard each pattern. Hancock Fabrics)
  • Spray paint (Rustoleum. Colonial Red and Lemon Grass. Satin finish)
  • Primer spray paint (I didn't use this...but I would if I did this again)
  • Painter's Tape (and things to cover certain parts of the chair you don't want sprayed like plastic bags or spare paper...or you can tape it all)
  • Drop cloth
  • Staple gun (Consider the thickness of what you're putting staples into and choose appropriate staple length)
  • Scissors
  • Screw driver

1. Disassemble the chair. I only removed the two cushions...that's all I could remove anyway because of how the chair was made. It was very easy to do. I also removed the foot caps on the feet of the chair. Before you select a folding chair to revamp, you may want to examine it first to see what you can and can't unscrew. Some folding chairs are made to never be tampered with lol. 

2. Wrap the cushions with the new fabric. I didn't remove the old pleather that was on there...I just cut and stapled my new fabrics of choice right on top. I pretty much followed how they stapled the original fabric. Be sure to staple the fabric on nice and tight. My strategy for stapling is to staple one side, pull the fabric tight, and staple directly across on the opposite side. So, if I stapled the left side of the seat, I'd pull on the fabric to the right side, and then staple it down on the right. 

3. Tape up the chair and paint. Here's where you prep the chair for painting. There were a couple parts on the chair that I wanted to keep black and I taped them accordingly. Put down your drop cloth and cover anything close by that may possibly catch some color. I sprayed the areas of the chair I wanted to be red (the seat and bars between the legs). After that dried, I taped/covered up all the red parts (using painter's tape, paper, and plastic bags) and sprayed everything else yellow...lemon grass. I stopped taking pictures after a while sorry lol. Important: Be sure to closely follow the manufacturers instructions for painting/coating/drying. I waited too long to apply a second coat in a couple spots, and the paint started wrinkling up. Didn't ruin it for me, however.

4. Reassemble the chair. After the chair is dry, screw your cushions back on to the chair and put the foot caps back on (if you removed those). And you're done!!! 

You can make this as simple or complex as your heart desires. If you need something new and exciting to sit on...just take matters into your own hands lol.

Stay Inspired.

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