Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creativity365 Day 33

Today's Instructions: Create something that floats on water. (It doesn't have to be a boat.)


"you are beautiful..."

This is card stock...again. I'm telling you, I can't get away from the stuff. It's floating in my bath tub. Soooo today's task is a case of "this isn't quite how I imagined this going" lol. First of all, I expected my candles to give me a little more lumens. I kept lighting more candles but had to stop myself once I reached like 12. Then, by the time the lighting was decent enough to take a pic, my letters started to sink in the water. THEN, I had some little flowers I wanted to float around the words but they RAPIDLY sank under the water lol. They weren't real flowers so honestly, I'm not really sure why I thought they would float...they looked like they should. So, I got frustrated and threw them all in lol. You can kind of see them in the picture. Some landed on top of the words.

Here's a pic after I yelled cut and let all the water out the tub...

If you're wondering how the words and little dots stayed in the same position, I connected them with a little clear bead and jewelry cord.

"Meh" with a *shrug* to today's project lol.


  1. Aww that was super cute! Your blog is so creative and inspiring, I LOVE IT! =)