Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm a little excited...can you tell? Just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that if you're in the DC area tomorrow, you should try and make your way to FIGMENT DC, an interactive community-based art event where visitors can participate in dozens of cool and creative of them will be mine :). If you missed all the posts about my project and FIGMENT, there's a tab up top for that! Here's a link to my last post where I talked about some of the projects that will be at FIGMENT >>

Post FIGMENT, life will be a little more normal...more more art work and crafting...start working on a couple other art projects I have going on, etc. This was a first for a lot of things. I constructed a 12' x 6' "canvas"and made some stand-alone frames. Here's a sneak peek...

I've never really built anything before. If I was to do this again it wouldn't take as long, but this took a while...and took some muscle lol. I hope to see you out there if you're in the DC area!!! It's going to be a great time and there will be so many fun activitieeess...and it's a family affair, for all ages, so bring the kids. Have a picnic. It's a really nice park and the weather should be pleasant. The event is tomorrow, at the Yards Park in DC and will be from 11am-8pm. See you there!!! For those that can't make it, there shall be pics and powerful descriptors in the future lol.

Stay Inspired.

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  1. If I have the time, I will definitely try to stop by; it's nearly an all day event so I should be able to. It sounds like it will be fun.