Monday, September 17, 2012


Yo!! Hope you all are having a great and lovely morning! Just wanted to remind you all that FIGMENT DC is upon us and if you're in the area, make sure you're there, Saturday, September 29th, from 11am - 8pm. This event is for all ages. If you can't make it, no worries. I will be sure to make you feel as though you were with an in-depth blog post lol.

Let me just give you an idea of some of the awesome projects and goings-ons...
(All info from FIGMENT DC site)
Art and Bass Bus by Party Liberation Front
The PLF bus will be a hub for live painting from area artists. This will include canvas painting as well as a graffiti wall. In addition, we will be playing music from the bus’ rooftop deck, and inviting people to come up and enjoy the tunes.

Big Trike by Howard Connelly / Howard Connelly Design
The Big Trike is an adult-size take on a child’s favorite toy. At 200 pounds, it is made of recycled materials including steel, aluminum, brass, PVC and wood. It accommodates one pedaler at a time, and up to four passengers on the rear deck.

Bombastula by Tom White / No Beta
An all day improvised electronic musical performance. Tom’s team will play invented electronic machines and electronically treated traditional instruments in one long slowly evolving piece of amorphous music-ish revelry. There will be microphones available for the audience to join in and guide the process. The audience microphones will also be electronically manipulated so that their voices will loop and twist to mix in with the general mess of sound.

Figments of Music by Ahmed Jabali-Nash / Sounds of Indigo
5-7 easels will be built from scrap lumber. On the easel will be a huge bass and treble clef and room to create musical notation. At the beginning of the workshop, I will give a brief lesson on the different time signatures, notes, etc. Then the group will be invited to fill in the easels with notes. The community will work together to create a song. My 3-5 piece band will play the community song. It will be recorded.

Giant Twister by Patty and Fred Simonton
An adult-size take on a children’s favorite, Giant Twister is exactly what you’d expect it to be. You’ll laugh and guffaw, and likely fall over a time or two. The goal is to be the last one standing.  Tickling encouraged. Come play with your friends and participants you’ve just met at FIGMENT DC. The game will be available to everyone throughout the day. And hey, maybe stretch your limbs out at Void Simulacrum before-hand to aid your in mobility!

Carnival by Mischief
Creating a space for you to express yourself is the primary concern of our journey. Mischief will have a crazy carnival of games, music, interactive art, and costumes, including a craft area, beats for your dancing pleasure, and a giant, adult-sized Litebrite. Come get into some mischief with us!

This is only the beginning folks...there will be around 60+ projects out there.

I started the construction phase of my project this weekend. Things are going pretty smooth so far. If you have no clue or forgot what my project is about, all the info you need is up in the FIGMENT DC tab. I did have a little visitor...some kind of cricket...that slowed my progress while I was in my garage, minding my business working diligently on my project. It looked as though it may have stumbled across the same green ooze that brought us our beloved ninja turtles. I decided to go in the house and give it 30 minutes to leave peaceably...that wasn't a good idea because when I returned it was gone, but I didn't know if it left or just found a new hiding place lol. Stressful working environment aside, I finished cutting all my wood pieces and I'll begin assembling things today and hopefully I'll be done painting everything some time this week.
I also went to go check out my where my project will be on the Yards Park grounds this weekend and I have a really nice spot. I didn't take a picture...because I forgot...but, here are some other pictures from around the park...

If you still need more convincing or simply want more details, visit It's going to be funnnnnn!!! And it's the first one in'll be a part of history. History doesn't happen everyday lol. In the meantime...

Stay Inspired.

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