Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Black Web Series

So I was minding my business one day, watching Awkward Black Girl on YouTube (funny web series that I love about being awkward...while simultaneously being black lol) and I happened to actually pay attention to the related videos in the side bar...aaaand it took me on this journey into black web series. I wasn't aware there were so many out there. There are TONS. They're not all good lol...but I just wanted to share some of the ones I reeeeally like. You don't have to be black to like these in case I accidentally insinuated that somewhere lol.

12-Steps to Recovery This series follows Parrish, a man who abruptly got his heart broken by a woman he thought was his true love. In order to help him "recover", his two best friends set him up a series of 12 dates to help get his mind off of his ex and potentially find a new love. I think this show is pretty funny and has a good cast of characters.

The Unwritten Rules In this series, Racey just started her new job and she shares with us some of the funny/annoying/awkward/etc things that happen to her while being one of very few black people in the workplace. I think I've personally experienced most of what she goes through in these episodes thus far lol.

The Couple Can I just say I LOVE this show lol. The name is pretty self literally follows the life of...a couple doing things couples do. It's pretty simple and there's a different issue/theme/focus with each episode. I think it's funny and I love the simplicity and authenticity of this series. They will really have you thinking you're watching a real couple lol.This is just a minisode...

The Number The Number also follows a couple...but for more sinister reasons lol. In this series, the looming conflict is...the number...the number of sexual partners his fiance` has had. They haven't revealed her number yet, but from his reaction, you're led to believe it's pretty high lol. This show also features the lovely Issa Rae from Awkward Black Girl.

The PuNanny Diaries It's not what you think!!lol So the main character in this show, Cozy, has had a pretty promiscuous past, so she decides to take an oath of celibacy after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her...again. I thought this episode was hilarious lol. Unfortunately, I think they've stopped making episodes for this series. The last one is from 2011 :(.

DC also has it's own web series...Anacostia. I read a lot of great reviews about it. I haven't watched any of it myself so I'm not going to post any episodes, but I linked to it. Check out these web series and let me know what you think!

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