Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Scarcity...

Hola mis amigos! Just wanted to make you all aware that there will be moments of tumbleweed action on this blog until the month of October because I have a lot going on at the moment ESPECIALLY because I am now beginning to build my project for Figment DC and my project has been successfully funded WOOHOOOO!!! Thanks to everyone for your support and you still have time to support if you'd like. The kickstarter campaign doesn't end until August 31st and in this case...more is more lol. There are also rewaaaards :). You can visit the campaign here. I will definitely keep you all updated on how my project is turning out!!

I am also trying to hone my art skills so I'm forcing myself to make more time for that. It's hard for me because I'm not in the house much and I like to be on the go...two things that make painting not so possible, but I have some great opportunities coming my way so it's time to get serious! I also want to take some drawing and painting classes so I'll be enrolling in some of those this fall. I'll also keep you posted on my artwork and related things. In the meantime...

Stay Inspired!!

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