Friday, August 31, 2012

Sketch Lounge: Volume II Recap

OoOoOoOH what a niiiiiight!!!lol This time was even more fun than the last. Mostly because more of my friends were there :). There was so much talent in the room. People at tables, on the floor, in chairs....creating. It's a very inspiring environment and I encourage any creatives in the Washington DC area to come out to this event and show support because we need more cool stuff like this. Sketch Lounge is brought to us by Somaphony and ReadySetDC and this event is all-inclusive as ANYONE can come in and create art alongside the featured artists. You have to bring your own supplies, but they provide tables and chairs. Once an artist completes a piece, they pin it to a board/hang it up where it's priced between $5 and $30. If you see something you like, you take it to the artist and make your purchase. Simple as that. If you just want to spectate, you'll have a great time doing that too. Matter of fact, I haven't made any art at this event yet lol.

This month's featured artists were Paul Mericle, Ivan Collich, Adrian Boyer, Mensa Kondo, and Waxx!!...couldn't find sites for the last two. There were also other dope artists in the building doing their thing.

Once again the music was ON POINT. DJs Lucy Papaya and Brandon Russell did their thing. I felt like I was getting a music lesson. They put me on to some new stuff.

Here we have artist, Matt Green, 1/4 of ArtOfficial. They make dope t-shirts...he's wearing one. Check them out!

Adrian Boyer [DrettyINK]...

Somebody had a digital polaroid camera...I need one of those in my life!!! Some analog instagram action lol.

I bought an amazing piece from Martin Swift. I'm officially a fan. The level of fine detail in his work really astonishes me. He uses like a .00000000000006 milimeter pen....ok it's not that small lol, but you get my point. I bought this piece here and I'm going to get some more to add to my collection :)...

Isn't it cool! This is so my style. It's simple...yet complex lol. I like the exposure Sketch Lounge gives the participating artists and how it makes art more affordable for those who don't have the budget to walk in a gallery and buy a $2000 piece. There is some quality stuff in here folks. Don't think because they're only selling at $30 max they're not putting their all into it.

This month, Sketch Lounge took place at mixed media venue, The Dunes, in NW, Washington DC. The Dunes is currently displaying work from Critical Exposure. "The exhibit will feature documentary photography and writing created by D.C.'s youth during the 2011-2012 school year. Their photos highlight the challenges youth face in and out of school, including teen pregnancy, inadequate school facilities, contributing factors of the dropout crisis, and school discipline policies. The students used their photographs and personal stories as the foundation for advocacy campaigns demanding concrete change around these issues." (source)

The Sketch Lounge event takes place once a month. Great event. Great people. Great art. Great times. If you couldn't make it this time, hopefully you can be there in September! Subscribe to Somaphony's mailing list to stay up to date on their events!! There's a box for you to enter your email to join their newsletter at the bottom of their site.

Stay Inspired!