Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY swag from "Honestly...WTF"

#Shoutout to Carmela over at PureLove for this one!!! Check out her blog by the way...she makes AWESOME jewelry. Thanks to her, I came across a really cool DIY/Inspiring/AllThingsBeautiful website that I'm super excited about *moonwalks*. It's called "Honestly...WTF"...seriously, that's what it's called lol. I'm going to now go and craftily destroy everything in my house. Let me just give you a dose of what they have to offer on their site. First up is what they did with this H&M purse...that I actually own and wear all the time lol. I'm considering giving it a makeover but idk yet...


Cuuuuute right????

The first cool thing I saw, which Carmela had on her blog, was a DIY Friendship Necklace that they transformed from these materials...

 Into this...

LOVE IT!!! Click here to check out this awesome site and you can click the source link under the photos if you want to go to that specific tutorial. Go forth and be DIY fly!!!...I am lol.

Stay Inspired.


  1. :) Thanks for the shout out...I really like their DIY's

    1. They're awesoooooome!!! I spent quite a while on their site today lol.