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EXTRAordinary People | Danielle "Elle" Koon

Danielle "Elle" Koon
Writer & Poet 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce you to writer, poet, Logistics Coordinator amongst other awesome things, Danielle "Elle" Koon. Straight out of Washington DC, she is a breath of fresh air and most certainly an inspiration. And let me not leave out ENCOURAGER! Oh and she's a fellow AGGIE!!!:) She's is truly gifted and talented and I have no doubts that you will be inspired as well. Without further ado...

W&I: What do you do?

Elle: I’m a writer. I write poems, short stories, articles, blurbs…anything with words. I’m working on my first novel, so naturally I’m excited and scared as hell. I don’t like producing documentaries or shorts, I love writing them but somehow I end up producing or directing at least one a year. Along with that, I’m a Logistics Coordinator for events and new business ventures.

W&I: What INSPIRED you?

Elle: I am always inspired to write or do any of what I do because there’s always a story to be told and a connection that needs to be made. I’m inspired by being a voice. I like the idea of speaking on a topic as personal as being heartbroken, having someone relate and then feeling moved by it. It’s very rewarding.

W&I: What keeps you WIRED? 

Elle: It’s really difficult to stay motivated because at times, writers get no love. All of it is coming from you and it gets stressful. I mean, I’ll get up in the middle of the night and write because I had some epiphany about a character and I don’t want to lose it; when I should be sleeping because I’ve got to be up at 5am for an unfulfilling job. But I keep pushing because I have goals and dreams that won’t let me not write. On top of all that; I want my writing to mean something, it needs to move people and inspire them. I can’t do that if I don’t keep going.

W&I: How do you hope to inspire others?

Elle: I hope I can inspire others by continuing to be honest in my writing. By saying things that most wouldn’t. Telling stories that can truly relate and ultimately help people to live courageously in everything they do.

W&I: Words of wisdom?

Elle: Say what you need to say; regret waits patiently for cowards.

I say this to myself and my friends ALL the time. It’s just something I believe in. You just have to do what needs to be done and say what has to be said because you don’t know when you’ll have another opportunity for it. You don’t want to be one of those, ‘what if’ people. For a writer, this is important. You can’t hold back on the story, you can’t cheat your characters or your readers into some fake, unrealistic and disingenuous material. You gotta just go for it.

Say yes to opportunities and don’t care about how much money you will make. You won’t make enough- I still don’t make enough. 

So…if you are a writer, write. Share your writings with others. Take criticism. Rewrite the bull but not the good-keep that, always keep that.
W&I: Regret waits patiently for cowards...I love that. So true. Writing it down lol. We want to know more?!!

Elle: I have a blog – it has a lot of my writings.

My twitter is @DKDC86 so follow me or look me up on Facebook.

As I said before, I'm working on my first novel and I wanted to share an excerpt for the first time ever here...on Wired and Inspired.

"I can see Eric running towards me now like a mad man, he looks furious. Luckily he's grabbed by some girl and his attention is averted. Thank God. I use this moment to hide away in the garden to soak in the champagne and what’s left of this beautiful night. The ‘Outlook Band’ is playing their rendition of Love by Musiq Soulchild, it croons through the air drifting soundly on my ears and I am again, taken away to that moment. I turn back to the crowd to see if I see him, the one who gave me that glorious hug. Maybe he'll want to talk. I hear someone approaching from behind.

"Is someone there?"
"Yes, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you."

 A man's voice but I can't see his face.

"I wouldn't be scared if you’d come into the light."

I immediate know it's him and he's beautiful. I look him up and down; taking him all in, his sawdust brown eyes, tinted skin and perfect lips. I creep up his side burns to his dark black curly locks, then my eyes dance over his shoulders on to his purple shirt. "Purple Shirt!" I blurt out.

"No, I'm Kevin."

Looking down at my feet embarrassed. Chin up... I'm not usually like this. "Ria, I'm happy to meet the person who helped light all theses candles. Thanks for that." I pause and think of his hug, without thought I have to ask, “What made you do it?"

"You. You don't remember yelling at me while you were running towards the front about the candles?"

"No, I meant the hug."

"You looked, look like you were about to cry. I just felt sorry for you. I didn't know what else to do."

"That was so nice of you, especially since I'm a complete stranger."

"Not completely, we met a long time ago."

Why don't I remember this Adonis of a man?

"Really? I can't believe I don't remember you."

"Well, as I said, it was a while ago. Back in '01' I came to a party with Eric. You were a little…um, well.. you were having fun and we met in passing."

Oh crap. I was drunk. Great Ria.

"Wow, the first time we meet, I'm drunk and the second I'm on the brink of a break down. You must think highly of me."

"I do as a matter of fact. I hear about all the events you've put on and I'm impressed."

"I can't imagine why? This was one of the worst."

"You think so? Look around"

Kevin brushes up close to me, I catch my breath. His presence is overbearing. He touches my waist and my knees rock.  Turning me around towards the crowd of people and I  smell his cologne again and try my best to keep my clothes from falling off. I notice the crowd, people are enjoying themselves and someone is even over in the corner kissing. My face, I know has turned red.

"You're right; it looks like people are having fun. It's still not what I pictured, but its good. Happy the light stayed with us until the fashion show was over, otherwise Eric would've had my neck."

"Don't worry about Eric. People are enjoying themselves. That's all that matters, doesn’t it?"

I am enthralled by every word coming out of those supple lips. I wonder if his mouth tastes like the champagne he's drinking. Or what his curly hair feels like...

"Do you do that a lot?" Kevin questions.

"What?" I snap, a little angry for being taking out of my mid-day dream.

"Daydream? I’m guessing.."

"No, I don't daydream at all." I lie.

He giggles and I die a little inside and outside and wherever else you're capable of dying. He has all his teeth, every last one and when he smiles it’s like heaven says, ‘yes my child you may enter into the pearly gates.’

"You do, I'm not judging. I think it's admirable. Oh wait, here comes Gabi. Will you wait here? I want you to meet her."

I'd stand here forever if you asked me to. Admirable? What does he mean by that? My father always thought my daydreaming was a distraction.

"Ria, this is my wife, Gabrielle; Gabi, this is the Event Organizer I was telling you about, Ria."

Great, he’s married. Of course he is.

For those of you who are readers of my blog; the novel is a follow up to “The Hug.”

W&I: LOVED the excerpt :) :D XD. I can't wait til you finish this book!!...seriously. I'm not just saying that. Thanks so much for participating in the interview :). You're an inspiration to me and I wish you the absolute best!!! *rereads excerpt* lol


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