Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY Button Earrings & GIVEAWAY!!!

I made quite a few of these fabric covered button earrings a long time ago, and I realized that I never shared this easy DIY project that'll have you bypassing the accessories section of your favorite they wont lol...but they're really cute. Seeee...

You can literally make these in like 10 minutes...depending on how slow or fast you move. Here are the deets... (Skip to the bottom for the giveaway.)


  • Fabric of choice (I buy half a can get by with way less than that depending on how many you want to make. Purchased from Hancock Fabrics.)
  • Cover button kit (I used 1 1/8" button kit. Purchased from Hancock Fabrics.)
  • Circle template
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Earring findings (Ear stud with flat pad and earring backs. Can find at most craft stores i.e. Michaels.)
  • E-6000 industrial strength adhesive (Can also find at most craft stores.)
After making this pair of earrings, I randomly found out that they have "Craft" Cover Button Kits, which come with backs with no shanks that you need to pull out. Soooo that means you wont have to have any holes in the back of your earring. So get the "craft" kit.


1) Turn your fabric face-down and trace two circles on the back of it. The size of the circle you make depends on the size of the cover button kit you use. It will tell you how big the circle you cut needs to be on the back of the kit and most come with a cutout you can use to make your circle. When I first started making these, I knew I would be making a lot, so I went ahead and purchased cover button templates. That's that clear circle you see. I also have a combo circle template that I've used in other artistic ventures and can be used for this project. You can find these at Staples and other stores of that nature.

2) Now that you're done cutting out your circles, turn the print side of your fabric face down and place the front of your button face down on top of the fabric as seen on the right in figure 1. Hold the fabric around the button tightly and try to keep it centered while you press it down into the white rubber piece as seen on the left in figure 1.

3) Before adding the back piece, remove the shank...that loop coming out the back. You can try to pinch it together and pull it out with your fingers, but I used needle nose pliers.

4) Tuck all the fabric (left side, figure 1) into the white rubber piece and place the back on top. Then, you will use the blue piece on the right to press down on the back until it snaps into place. After pressing the back on, you should have something that looks like this...

5) Adhere your earring findings. I originally used Krazy glue for all the other earrings I made, but for some reason it felt like it wasn't going to hold as well. The earring findings I used for these were sterling silver...I don't know if that changes things, but it didn't feel as strong, so I switched to fave. Very goopy but Ford tough...Army strong lol. I didn't get these sterling silver findings from Michaels. I ordered them online somewhere a while ago. I can't wear fake stuff in my ears...I envy those of you who can lol. Now that I'm done rappin' you're done!! Let them dry for at least 24 hours and they're ready for wearing.

~~~~~~ON TO THE GIVEAWAY!!!!!~~~~~~

I'm giving away two pairs of earriiiiiiiings!! I feel like Oprah I don't. The lucky winner will get both the black & white houndstooth and burgundy & white polka dot print earrings. They will also be made with the sterling silver findings...can't give you the cheap stuff lol. 

So here are the very simple rules. All you have to do is tell me in ONE sentence...who/what inspires you and why? Leave your answer in the comment section of THIS post...not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram lol. And be sure to provide your name in your comment if you're posting under anonymous. You have until next Tuesday, September 11th at 5 pm., to enter. One entry per person. The randomly selected winner will be announced Wednesday, the 12th, at 8am EST. The announced winner has 48 hrs to claim their prize then it's on to the next one so make sure you come back to see if you won. If you're my friend, I'll have mercy on you and hit you up if you loaf lol. You don't have to be a female to enter...I'm sure you fellas have some ladies in your life that wouldn't mind receiving these earrings. Anywho...GOOD LUCK!! 

Stay Inspired.


  1. "I feel like Oprah.." I love that line. You SHOULD feel like her b/c these earrings are awesome!! What inspires me: One of the (many) things that inspires me is the tenacity of others to achieve their dreams and desires. I push harder, at what I do, b/c I see no reason for me not to reach my goals.- Nerea aka Aeren Waters

  2. My name is Danielle, I am inspired by my family, friends and their stories of sacrifice and success.

  3. My granny! She is supergranny to me! I love her heart and her strength, she inspires me to reach great heights!

  4. I love this idea Shannon! My family and friends inspire me! My family has gone through so many things such as my 8 aunts and uncles being given away by their mom (my maternal grandma) without my grandfathers permission. Today, we have lost some of them but my mom and aunt and uncle are there to take care of their mother despite their feelings towards her. My friends have inspired me so much. I lost my bestfriend in 2003 to complications with AIDS. She asked me to go back to college to get my degree and soon as I left for college and told her about my first A, she passed away. She is my guardian angel. She was here for me.

    My neighbors are a bigger inspiration because they are young, black dr's who just want to see me, Dorian, and Darius grow with our relationship with GOD.

    Shannon, what can I NOT say about you. LOL! Your natural journey is amazing! You taught me a lot of different things about what I can do with my hair and what to use. You are an amazing reference! I also love your DIY's! I sometimes get discouraged but you make it so easy for me. Thanks Shannon!

    Im blessed to have such amazing people in my life.


  5. I am inspired by the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between; it all inspires me because everything can be transcended into art with a little imagination. - Megan W.

  6. mother inspires me because of her faith, strength, patience, heart-felt love for others and her ability to take on multiple responsibilities at one time and still manage to remain sane but I'm sure you figured that, lol...


  7. I am inspired by my past struggles; Knowing that I have persevered (and continuing to) through what seems like impossibilities allows me to pass that revelation/blessing on to the youth that I work with, for no day is perfect, but it is a new one. - Courtney Bennett

  8. Darn! I missed the giveaway :(

    Maybe next time.

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