Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Comic Book Coasters

Someone out there is maaaaaaad at me lol. I know it's probably disrespectful for me to cut up a comic book....I swear I like them...but I wanted to make some into coasters. You don't have to use a comic book for this activity...any paper you find aesthetically pleasing will do. If you want to use comics, but don't want to use actual pages from a comic book, you can just make some color copies at Kinkos or something and use that. And here they are ladies and gents!!!...

I love them :). This was really simple to do. And they came out awesooooooome. I made these using tiles that I got from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. FYI, if you're a homeowner or you're into bringing old/used things back to life, you should definitely check this place out. They have all kinds of home goods, from furniture to appliances, for really good prices. Also, the proceeds from any purchase goes towards helping out Habitat for Humanity to build homes for families...a win-win.  They also take donations, which are tax-deductible. Check them out. Back to the project...

  • Floor tiles
  • Black spray paint
  • Comic book
  • Mod Podge (A glue, sealer, and finisher)
  • 3/8" Felt pads
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

1) Spray paint the tiles black...or whatever color you desire. I spray painted the whole thing then I realized I'll be covering the majority of it with paper...so don't waste spray paint like me lol. You only really need to spray the bottom and sides.

2) After the spray paint dries (follow instructions on can for drying times), cut out desired images and adhere them to the tiles using Mod Podge or whatever other glue/sealer you may have. Use some kind of straightedge to smooth out any air bubbles. I didn't really take the time to do this and it kind of shows lol. It's fine...I still love them. Let it dry.

3) I added felt pads to the bottom of the tiles so they don't scratch the table. The bottom of mine isn't too rough, but you still want to add something to be on the safe side. 

Aaaaaaand you're done! That's pretty much it.You have some cool, new coasters to show off to all your visitors :).

Stay Inspired.

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