Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art Photoshoot With The Bing!!

I'm still working on my website and the last thing I need is some good pictures, so I called on the hottest chick in the game filling up frames, that's right Bing *in my Jay-Z voice* lmbo...lol...smh... Ashleigh A. M. Bing, of Shoot Happens Photography. She really takes awesome pics and she's super creative. Our first art photoshoot was on U Street in DC. I still have a couple more pictures to take of my newer artwork but I'm making progress. Clap it up for progress!! I don't know where we're headed to next but I'm excited!!!lol Here are some of the pictures she took...

 I added the picture above because it best reflects what that day was like lol.

Chilling with my art in Busboys & Poets...

This next picture was a workout lol... 


People stopped me on the streets asking for my info to see more of my art or to link up and do some things...sounds freaky...it wasn't like that lol. I may need to just walk around DC with my art more often. I had a great time doing this shoot. I love working with other creatives! Make sure you go check her out!!! I'm sorry for yelling at you. It happens when I get excited lol.

Stay Inspired.


  1. Thank you for being so motivating.. Please continue to not only be an inspiration to me, but to everyone else as well...


    1. You definitely inspire me as well! Keep doing what you do :)