Friday, July 20, 2012


I went to an event on Wednesday that was really cool so I want to share it with you. Probably means nothing to you if you don't live in the DC area...but in case you are one day, maybe you can visit. DC has a new art gallery on the scene...VeraCruz Gallery. This is all they have in the way of signage so you might pass by it like I did lol...

But it's on top of Duffy's Irish Pub, located at 2108 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001...

I was a little excited when I got there. I like checking out new artsy spots. As I walked up the steps, I heard some Kendrick Lamar Section.80 blasting..."Okay okay...this is cool already"...what I said in my head lol. I turned the corner and there were artists scattered around at tables doing what they do...a lady DJ...DJ Lucy Papaya...spinning all the right music, cool art hanging on the walls, and people chit-chatting about cool stuff...I don't know what they were chit-chatting about. They just looked cool so I assumed they were talking about cool people stuff lol.  

On to the event, it's called Sketch Lounge and it's put on by Somaphony and ReadySetDC. This event is all-inclusive as ANYONE can come in and create art. You have to bring your own supplies, but they provide tables and chairs. Once an artist completes a piece, they pin it to a board/hang it up where it's priced between $5 and $30. If you see something you like, you take it to the artist and make your purchase. Simple as that. They also have featured artists there in addition to those that are just stopping through to do their thing. It's a really cool concept and I like that anyone can come in and make something. I'm definitely going to have to go back and participate...I was just spectating Wednesday. I also got the chance to speak with a couple artists there and watch them create which is always cool. It got the wheels in my head turning lol. More pics from the night...

I had good time at the "Sketch Lounge" and as I was leaving, DJ Lucy Papaya hit me with Southernplayalistic maaaaaaaayyyyynnnnn lol. She did her thing. This event is set to take place monthly so check it out!! To read more about the VeraCruz Gallery and the Sketch Lounge event, visit Somaphony's blog.

Stay Inspired.

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