Thursday, July 5, 2012

Me at Artomatic : A Closer Look (Recap & Pictures)

I've posted pictures of all the art I had in Artomatic on the blog before...I think...but I just wanted to give a closer look since everyone who reads this blog isn't in the DC Metro area and some people just couldn't make it out there. Artomatic is, by far, the best art event I've ever participated in. A lot of good has come from it. How can you go wrong with an 11-floor ex-office building full of creativity and coolness? I definitely think anyone who is involved in anything art/performance related...I mean anything...should consider participating next time around. Some of my other posts about Artomatic --> Artomatic 2012, Artomatic & My Life, I DID IT!!!, Artomatic's website, and finally, some pictures from my exhibit :)...

Here's how it alllllllllll began (I like dramatics lol). This is my rough sketch of what I wanted my wall to look like...

I have to thoroughly plan things out before I do them. Some of the other guys in my room were making fun of the fact that I had a layout on paper lol. It was funny. I wish I could remember what they said, I would tell you. I was like "...but it's my first tiiiiime. I just want to make sure I have everything riiiight. *high-pitched whiny voice*" lol

And here's the finished product...

All the following photographs were taken by Ashleigh Bing of Shoot Happens Photography


Let's seeeee...a lot of people asked me what I use to do my artwork and how I got the hair to be like that. I use acrylic paint...the cheapest kind that's out there lol and for the hair I use an acrylic polymer mixed with acrylic paint and pour it on the canvas. I just moooooove it around until it looks how I want it to look. For the Wild & Free paintings, I used acrylic paint, some crackle paste, acrylic polymer, newspaper, and Sharpies. I have a thing for street art. It comes across in a lot of my artwork.

All the way to the right is the statement I had next to my art to explain where my motivation to paint these pieces came from. It says...

"This artwork was inspired by my love for BIG natural hair and the fierceness it brings. It’s also inspired by my slight massive addiction to natural hair blogs, vlogs, and tumblrs. Many of the paintings are actually inspired by tumblr photos.

On to the message... I’ve had my own personal awakening. There was once upon a time when I thought the hair God gave me was less than beautiful. No one person really taught me to feel that way, but the fact that it had to be straightened when I was younger and it was “unmanageable” made me feel like something was wrong with it. I also had never heard a black head of hair be called “pretty” or “good”, so I just KNEW this natural thing wasn’t the way to go. But, somewhere along the way, I got curious and putting chemicals in my hair for the rest of my life seemed silly. So now, my hair is BIG and bad (in a good way lol) and I feel more beautiful than ever!
I hope we all learn to love ourselves more, the way we were made to be. Don’t let celebrities, magazines, peers, the media, etc., tell you who you are and what you’re supposed to be. Figure these things out for yourself. Plus, God said we are fearfully and wonderfully made and I believe Him. At the end of the day, I just hope that you know regardless of race, complexion, hair texture, shape, size...You are BEAUTIFUL." 

Artomatic also gives you the opportunity to sell some goods in their Art-to-Go Marketplace, which I participated in on the last day. I was so last minute with this lol, but it came out okay. That's my problem. Everything always comes out either okay or great when I wait til the last minute so I never learn my lesson. I told yall the deadline for setting up your space at Artomatic was May 13th at 10 pm and I finished May 13th at 9:59:58 pm lol. Pictures from the marketplace...

My Chic T-shirt Necklaces 
CD Coasters

 This is how I looked in 95% of the pictures Bing took of me that whole weekend lol. These ladies were hilarious though...

She was so cool. I don't know her like that, but I'm pretty sure I love her lol.

Thanks to everyone that came out and showed love and/or purchased something from me, and for all the wonderful messages left in my guestbook. Some of you all are hilarious. I'll be adding this artwork and more to my Etsy page soon, but in the meantime, just email me if you see anything you're interested in. Did this post make you feel like you were there?lol I tried.

Oh and I know it's July, but the June issue of Hill Rag Magazine is finally up on their website. My art was on the cover of that in case you missed all the times I mentioned it lol. The write up for the cover can be found 11 pages down, cover included.

Stay Inspired.


  1. Shannon! Wonderful pictures. Ashleigh did an astounding job of capturing your incredible art. And who is that fab girl in your last pic ;)? Lol Thanks for the compliment. Glad I got a chance to meet u at Marketplace; you had such a great vibe about you. I wish you much success girl!

    1. Yes Ashleigh is awesome! LOL you girl!!!! Hey Aeren! Glad I had the opportunity to meet you as well :) same to you. I'll be in touch lol.

  2. I am still MAD that I didnt go....grrrr.keep me updated on whats next for you!

    1. I'm going to send you a personal invite next year lol and I sure will!