Tuesday, April 17, 2012

COACHELLA 2012!!!!

Source: soundbuzz360
I just let out a scream lol...in a couple of days, I will be heading to LA, then making my way down to Indio, California for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival!!!!!! Music and arts?! Heaven!!! For those that have never heard of Coachella, it's a HUGE 3-day music festival with several stages featuring performers from several different genres including rock, hip hop, indie, and electronic music to name a few. On top of that, they have The Coachella Art Studios where you can go and get your arts and craft on...just watch the video. I'm too excited lol.

Well, I've downloaded my Coachella app and I'm RED-TA-GO lol. This may be the best birthday weekend ever...my bday is April 23rd. I'll definitely be posting all the fun and excitement to my blog next week. In the meantime, I'll be posting pictures to my tumblr, if you just can't wait lol. There's a tab up top that'll take you there. This will be the last post for this week, as I'll be preparing to travel/traveling. Say a prayer for my safe travels. I hate flying : / ADIOS AMIGOS!!..

As always. Stay Inspired.


  1. OMG, I wish I could go. Maybe next year ( I'm seriously considering it); it looks like so much fun, and happy birthday in advance...as for the flight, I always say a prayer right before the plane gets off the ground, but I will pray for you tonight on a safe journey (no lie).

    1. Thanks Carmela!!!! You're so awesome. Oh..and were you at an MS Walk this past weekend?

    2. lol, yeahhhh....were you there, too...at Bowie Town Center?

    3. HAAAA!! Such a small world! Yea I was a walker. The girl sitting next to you signed me and I was like "That looks like...no can't be..the world ain't THAT small lol".

    4. omg, I wish you would've said hi...but I guess that would've been awkward if it wasn't me. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future.