Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So let me just start this thang off by saying that I had thee time of my life at Coachella!!! This was like the perfect birthday treat to myself...I mean it was music and art. What better way is there to bring the bday in for me?...none. On to LA. I finally got to fly with Virgin Airlines!! I've been wanting to do that for a while now and I thought this trip was the perfect time to do so. It was a great decision. Surprisingly, they were the cheapest option to LA at the time I booked my flight. Virgin is like the cool kid of the airlines. I was super excited when I stepped on there. They had purple and pink lighting, sleek black & white seats, and TVs in the headrest that came with a remote you could pull out from the armrest that had a keyboard on the back. You could start a group chat by typing in seat numbers so if you're separated from whoever you're flying with, you can still talk...I love thoughtful things like that when it comes to services being provided. And if you were wondering why we (me and my best friend) flew into LA for Coachella (Indio, California) was MUCH cheaper.

Some pics I took...

And when you ask for headphones, you don't get little get THESE lol...$2

Some pics I took from way up...

All of these pictures were taken over Utah or Arizona.

Oh and you're not going to see a lot...if of me in these posts. I had the worst breakout in life occur like the day I left home. I kept asking God what I did wrong to deserve that lol. So I wasn't about that picture life...being in them at least.

When we were in LA, we didn't really get to do too much because we were only there for a day. First, we ventured out to the spots right outside our hotel. We were literally right beside the Staples Center.

Ugh we had those bars on our windows because there was a display on that side that lit up. It just HAD to be on our little slither of the building lol. Nice view though.

Since we were only going to be in LA for a day, we called some friends for recommendations on what we should do with the little time we had. The first recommendation was Griffith Park Observatory (shoutout to Boone). It was a really cool observatory up in the hills where you got some great views of the cities below and could even see the Hollywood sign. There was a bit of a haze over the city, so the view wasn't crystal clear but it was cool to see nonetheless.

The observatory.

We didn't even go inside the observatory now that I look at that picture and see people coming out the building. Not sure why. Oh and the houses on the way up the hill to get to the observatory...GORGEOUS!!! Sorry no pics...I was too busy drooling out the window lol.

The next stop was Santa Monica Pier (shoutout to Charis). It was a bit chilly so we kind of walked our way through one good time, took some pics of a beautiful sunset, and went on our merry way lol. There was a good amount of people out there...some were even in the water. I was very perplexed by that. The pier had some rides, some shops, some artists, some places to eat and the beach. There was also some true life National Geographic goings on with birds diving from way up in the air to catch fish and dolphins coolin'...doing what they do lol. That was all the adventure we could wanted to fit in a day...especially since LA traffic sucked. I definitely want to go back to LA, however, and experience more of its happening spots.

The very next morning, we were up and on our way to COACHELLLLLAAAA!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!! I just got real excited like it was happening all over again...but it's I'm sad.

To be continued...

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  1. Lol can't wait to see the pictures from coachella