Friday, April 13, 2012

Under The Influence | April

Today is the first post for this series Woooohoooooo!!!lol If you missed the brief intro/explanation, you can read that here.

The influence...

These are some bangles I bought from Aldo while I was visiting my best friend in Utah. I LOVED the colors and different patterns. They all came together as one Aldo's accessories. Anywho, the colors and patterns are the reason I chose these bracelets as this month's influence.

How I crafted it...

These flowers were made from toilet paper rolls!!!! So cool. I got the idea to make these from Korrine Wojcik's blog, DIY Projects. She has a lot of cool stuff on there that I'll probably be trying out in the not too distant future. As I stated before, I was inspired by the different colors in the bracelets which I used in the various petals. Pretty much every color is represented somewhere. I used gold paint for the middle layer of petals on each flower to tie them all together and to mirror the gold accents in the jewelry. I also adorned each flower with a gold button. I fell in love with those buttons as soon as I saw them in the fabric store. I just might be making those into a pair of earrings...stay tuned for that lol. These weren't hard to make at all. Check today's Creativity365 post for more details on the flowers. I love these :).

How LaShanda wore it...

Earth tones with a splash of color is a favorite look of mine. Whether your splash of color is a bangle, a series of bangles, nail and toe polish, a scarf, or a hair beret - it works. The textures of each bangle, combined with the shapes and colors inspired my look. My dress is a soft, Earth tone green. The design of the dress is a twist, which you can see, to some extent, on the left side. The best part of this dress is unfortunately not visible, the back is open - but in a tasteful cut. The pop of color can be seen on the cuffs of the short, lightweight trench - a bright yellow. I also tied an old scarf around the handle of my pocketbook, which acts as an accessory - indicative of an azure type of color. I'm not a HUGE bangle person, and I tend to keep jewelry simple. A silver watch, cuff, and medium-sized hoop earrings complete the look. Classic style. Not too much, not too little. Thanks to little Chico for being my arm candy.

Stay inspired.

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