Monday, April 30, 2012

Coachella Day 3

The last day :( lol... This was a great day because it started with *drum roll* COACHELLA ART STUDIOS!!!! We finally made it out there!

I had SO much fun here. It was a tent full of cool people makin' stuff...whatever your heart desired. They had several workshops going on all over. One was "Zine Works" where you learned how to make your own "zine", which is a small, often homemade, publication. They had an area where you could make your own music instruments. I wanted to do this one, but they ran out of supplies the day before :(. Looked cool though. There was an area called "Get Felt Up" where they provided...felt lol, buttons, gems, and other materials to make whatever you wanted...earrings, flowers, brooches, etc. There was the Chop Shop, which I was also interested in, where you picked out clothes they provided and revamped it into a fashion masterpiece! The pickings were slim by the time we got to it, so I passed lol. Then, there was "Make-Over Mechanix". This is where you got Coachella-fied. We definitely noticed people all throughout Coachella with body paint, glitter, crazy looking outfits and mohawks made of feathers and wondered..."Where are they coming from?"lol...Well, this was the place. They had a DJ in there doing his thing, there were people making wind chimes, people decorating balloons and people making artwork...the category I fell in. I really wanted to make an instrument *pouts again*. I literally did pout when he told me they ran out of supplies. He was like "Aww I'm sorry...Happy Birthday though! can make a wind chime." *sucks teeth*lol. I had on my bday pin...that's how he knew if you were wondering. Got a lot of bday was great :).

Here's the art I made...

Before I did too much and messed it up lol.
Some of art other people made...

*Pause for random pictures of trashcan art lol* All of their garbage cans were done up with art work.

After good times in the art studios, we made our way to the performances. First up was First Aid Kit. I picked them solely based on their picture in the Coachella app. They just looked like they might sing something mellow and hippie-like...I was almost right lol. First Aid Kit is a folk band comprised of two Swedish sisters. I liked their sound but, I doubt I'll make any long-term commitments. Next up was Santigold :). She was AWESOME!!! I loved her personality. She sounded great live too...exactly like she sounds on her you know it's real lol. Her dancers were also on point and it was HOT out there. Standing ovation for them...I don't know how they did it. Standing was a job in that heat. She did a lot of songs from her self-titled album from 2008, Santogold, she hit a little "Brooklyn We Go Hard", and songs from her new album, Master of My Make-Believe, which drops tomorrow actually.

Next, we stopped by Porter Robinson's set. He's an electronic dance music producer and DJ...and I explained how these DJ sets work. They make their beats/DJ and the people party. I think I actually like this electronic/dance stuff. I don't know where in my life it would fit though. This is something I always think about when I consider new music lol..."What would I do to this?" I can't clean to it, cook to it, ride to it, get ready to it...I don't know yet lol. It has no place.

Now, while I was in the charging station reviving my phone, I overheard Thundercat performing. He had an interesting sound and look. This video is rather strange lol...but, I like the song.

Next up was AraabMUZIK...another producer set. This one impressed me music-wise but it was the speeeeed that really got me lol. His fingers were MOVING on whatever machine he was working with...I'm guessing it was a drum machine since that's what he's rather well-known for. Like, when they would zoom in on his hands, it looked unreal how fast they were moving. I got some footage, but I didn't capture his fastest parts. I was too busy being amazed. This video is going to sound crazy by the way lol.

Now we move on to The Weeknd!! He got tons of love...TONS. I'm talking MJ love lol. It was nuts yall. There were females in the very front sobbing miserably at his very presence. Every time they put the camera on them, I would die of laughter. Ok, you like his music...him even...but really?...Really? These weren't just tears trickling down the cheek. These were, I just answered my cell phone in the middle of Coachella and someone told me my mom died, tears lol. Crying FORREAL. And again I say, really? The Weeknd put on a good performance. He hit a couple high notes that made me nervous lol...but no complaints overall. He kicked off his performance with "High for This"...I think. Put it this way, he hit songs from all three releases in 2011 lol. There.

After The Weeknd, we chilled and got some food until the act before Snoop and Dr. Dre. I wanted to be as close to the front as possible, solely to get a really good look at this "Hologram Tupac". Speaking of the act before Snoop and Dr. was "post-hardcore" band, At The Drive-In. Oh. My. Gosh. This might have been one of the scariest concert-going moments in my life. Me and my bestfriend were like one foot away from being involved in a mosh pit lol. There were people jumping all around...pushing...never again. All because we wanted to be near the front. The singer in the band was funny though...especially when he called one of his guitar players the Puerto Rican Harry Potter lol. He really did look like a Puerto Rican Harry Potter. Everyone was clapping and cheering when they were finished. They were doing it for a job well done...we were doing it because it was over and we survived.

Then it happened. Snoop and Dre were up next and there was this push...a constant push from the back of the crowd as people tried to pack in to the front section. We were all literally pressed up against one another. I think I would have preferred the moshpit lol. I could hardly breathe my own air...and you KNOW people were out there smoking. It was soooo hot. I started considering taking an L and making my way to the back then I was like "NO!! I gotta be here!!! Just this one time!!!"lol Up to this point, I purposefully avoided looking at or reading anything about the Coachella happenings that took place the weekend before. I couldn't avoid hearing about the "Hologram Tupac" though...I was upset lol. Even my mom knew about it and was asking me questions *sigh*. I might have to go to Coachella the first weekend next time to avoid these issues. Anyway...Tupac was my reason for needing to be up there lol.

Finally, the finale was here...and out come Snoop and Dre with "The Next Episode". I borrowed this set list from BrooklynVegan...

The Next Episode  Kush
Gin And Juice
Deep Cover/187
Nuthin' But A "G" Thang
Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)
I Wanna Rock
Jump Around (House of Pain cover)
Drop It Like It's Hot
Young Wild And Free (with Wiz Khalifa)
The Recipe (with Kendrick Lamar)
What Up Gangsta
In The Club (with 50 Cent)
Xxplosive (Snippet)
California Love
Hail Mary
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (with Tupac)
Gangsta Party
I Need a Doctor (with Eminem)
Forgot About Dre (with Eminem)
'Till I Collapse (with Eminem)
Who Am I? (What's My Name?) 
Still D.R.E.

I could only take but so many pictures. It was hard to get my arms up or get to my purse for my phone and my pictures just weren't coming out good. Everyone was loving Snoop and Dr. Dre of course...singing along with their every word. We got to see Kendrick...only one song lol...but he performed "The Recipe" with Dr. Dre.

I saw some random "celebrity" sightings while I was trying to breath and not die...John Sally, Hits from the Streets yall remember him?...from BET?, and Amber Rose, supporting her boo Wiz, who later joined her in the crowd after performing "Young Wild and Free". This is how close she was...

...only she wasn't pinned inside the fence like me lol.

On to Tupac. So, hearing things about this beforehand led to expectations, which led to disappointment, which is what I didn't want. People calling it a hologram made me think that was what I was going to see...a 3D image walking around the stage...a literal hologram. Instead, it was an image being projected on a screen that looked a little Grand Theft Auto-ish at times lol...still impressive...but, not a hologram. Me and my bestfriend had a discussion earlier that day as to whether we would go see a hologram in concert. Like all hologram...not featuring a hologram. I said an adamant NO. I think she said no too. Then, I remembered an article I read where Dr. Dre said he would bring back other greats, one of which was Marvin Gaye lol. That's an L I would take. I would be in the front row of a "hologram" Marvin concert. I promise you I would lol. Then, I remembered the Gorillaz are already kind of doing this...and selling, the conversation was over lol. Anywho, I got no good pictures of "Tupac" but they're everywhere...consult Google and YouTube.

This is a video I came across on YouTube talking about "How the Tupac Hologram Works". They said a lot of the same things I said and gave some interesting facts. Interesting to me at least. They were funny...and a little disrespectful at times lol. They start explaining how it works around 3:00. The video is kind of long.

Well, Coachella 2012 was a blast and it made for an awesome birthday weekend. Doubt it'll be the last.  If you're thinking about it...get on that payment plan lol.

*fist pump*

The End.


  1. Sounds like it was such a cool time . . . wish I would of went! LOL!