Thursday, February 23, 2012


You just don’t even understand how super excited I am that Artomatic is BACK! My first time experiencing this gargantuan amalgamation of the arts was back in 2009. It was floor, upon floor, upon floor of wall to wall art. There were live performances, workshops, short films, poetry, photography, fashion and then some!! 

It just doesn’t get any better. I hope to show some of my artwork this year and even if I don’t, I made sure I was at least part of the process of putting it all together. I’m a volunteer on the site operations team so I get to sort of live out some other unrealized goals #boost lol (I started college as an architectural engineering major and finished as a marketing major). 

Artomatic 2012 begins May 18th!!! To participate and get more info on this organization, visit If you paint, sing, rap, dance, DJ, have a band, do photography, graphic design, make jewelry, make furniture, make clothes, make sculptures, make films, etc. *takes deep breath*, then you need to be a part of this! Artomatic pulls in thousands of visitors during its exhibition…tens of thousands...over 76,000 in 2009. This year, Artomatic will be in Crystal City, Arlington, VA. See ya there!

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