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The Artist | Carl "Eugi" Hall

Artistically Known As
Creator of Vibrant Music Art

Artomatic Location: 08-102

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W&I: What kind of art do you make and how would you describe it?

EugiThe type of art I’m currently creating is vibrant, bold abstracts I dubbed “music art”.  I tend to go back and fourth between that and other techniques or styles, but for right now I’m living in the abstract world. I would simply describe it as artwork that focuses on portraying various musical performances and the colorful vibe they evoke.

W&I: What INSPIRED you to start creating this kind of art?

Eugi: I was inspired to create this type of art out of my strong passion for music.  I am a musician sometimes or a “sometimes” musician. I play a few instruments, but not all the time, not as much as I would like to anyway.  So I love listening to music as well as creating and performing it. Combine that along with the passion for creating art, this is where my inspiration comes from.
W&I: Tell us a little about how you make your art?

Eugi: Well, the way I make my art isn’t any real deep or any hocus-pocus way of doing it.  Generally, the idea of a piece may start out with a song I may hear or some other subject matter I’ll want to interpret.  I would then sketch out this idea, sometimes over and over again in various renderings, until what I had envisioned in my mind has been transferred into a two dimensional form. After that, it’s on to the canvas or whatever surface I'm working with. It starts out with an outline sketch, then dense blocking of the colors and the final layers are painted on heavy to bring out the vibrancy.
A N'awlins Celebration
W&I: What are your sources of inspiration?

Eugi: I have several sources of inspiration, with the first coming from my faith.  I believe every individual is blessed with a special gift and mine just happens to be art, which was given to me to be shared with others.  Other sources of inspiration would be that of my family and my father’s spirit.  My pops was a self taught artist as well, who showed me that you’re never too old and it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

W&I: What is it that you try to communicate through your art?

Eugi: With my music art I try to create images that allow viewers to feel and hear the music being portrayed in the picture.  I love the power of music, the way it can take you to another place, good or bad, conjure up memories and just captivate you.

W&I: How do you stay WIRED?

Eugi: Quite honestly, one of the ways I stay motivated is by peeping what other artists are doing! I love checking out another artist’s work and thinking to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that concept or idea?’.  It’s not a competition thing, it’s more like admiration and appreciation for another artist’s work.  For me it’s a great motivator.

W&I: Any words of encouragement or wisdom for the struggling artist out there?

Eugi: I have several actual words that I use to encourage myself everyday, even have them posted so I can view them to keep them in my conscious. They are: plan, discipline, visibility, perseverance and dream. They have helped me and maybe they can help another artist out there as well.

Noche de Salsa en Condado
W&I: What are some of your most memorable moments as an artist?

Eugi: I have several cool moments I can reflect on, but one of my most unforgettable memories occurred back in high school.  I had the honor of having my cover design selected for the school’s yearbook back in 19** (not totally sharing the year). Now, I didn’t receive any great accolades or prize money for this or anything like that, it’s just that seeing my design on everyones yearbook made me truly realize for the first time, I am indeed an artist.

W&I: We want to know more?!

Eugi: You can check me out at eugiart.com or my Facebook fan page: Eugi Artworks.  I have an exhibit currently showing at this year’s Artomatic.  The event last now until June 23rd.  I will also be one of the featured artists doing a live painting at Art Metamorphosis, at the Washington Harbour in Georgetown on Thursday, June 14th.

W&I: Thanks for participating in the interview! Love your work and I wish you the best.

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