Friday, June 1, 2012

The Artist | Jason Yen

Dope Artist With A Unique Style

Artomatic Location: 08-207

W&I: What kind of art do you make and how would you describe it?

Jason: Cardboard sculpture relief; colorized with collage from old magazines and junk mail. Most of the cardboard is picked up from the street. So its also a way of recycling.

W&I: What INSPIRED you to start creating this kind of art?

Jason: Money. I used to paint, but realized it can be expensive. And when you don't properly clean your brushes, like I do, it becomes even more expensive. Not to mention Canvas, wood, paints, etc.

W&I: Tell us a little about how you make your art?

Jason: I start off drawing my work on the computer, then print it out. I cut out each piece that will become 3-dimensional, and then glue it to cardboard. I then cut it out, and restack until I get the desired effect. I do that for each piece. In the end of this stage, I glue the pieces to a solid piece of cardboard and assemble them like a puzzle... Then I colorize by cutting out pieces of magazine pages or junk mail and I rubber cement them over top of the cardboard. In the end, I redraw outlines with a sharpie, and I seal the pieces with a semi-gloss for longevity.

W&I: What are your sources of inspiration?

Jason: Not sure really.

W&I: What is it that you try to communicate through your art?

Jason: Nothing of great importance... Although there are some slight undertones of subconsciousness involved. But I really just want them to be fun.

W&I: How do you stay WIRED?

Jason: Doing art helps me mentally. I have to create. It keeps me occupied. When I stop for periods of time, I begin to feel depressed...

W&I: Any words of encouragement or wisdom for the struggling artist out there?

Jason: I'm still struggling. But I would say, don't let too many things distract you from your art. Make/take the time. You never know who will come across your work.

W&I: We want to know more?!

Jason: Check out my site:; there will be more art soon. I may soon also begin selling 3-Dimensional cardboard flowers on etsy... Keep a look out!

W&I: Well, I looooove your art. It's so unique. Wish you the best! Be sure to go check out more of Jason's work on his website and definitely at Artomatic if you're in the area!!

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