Monday, June 4, 2012

Creativity365 Day 44

Today's Instructions: Make something new out of an old t-shirt. It doesn't have to be wearable when it's done, but if it is, document it while someone has it on! 

IT'S FASHION WEEK!!!...on my blog lol. Just thought you should know. I'm getting "themey" for the month of June. Anywho, today I made a necklace using a t-shirt...

In the picture above the t-shirt necklace is doubled around my neck. This is what it looks like undoubled...

I really really like how this came out and now no ones t-shirts are safe! Mwahahaha!! I got inspired to make this by the DIY blog, etté studios. I pretty much followed all of her directions, with the only difference being that I wrapped a strip of the t-shirt...

...on one side whereas she did it on two. Check out her blog for instructions and the other DIY scarves she has pictures of. This was super easy and took me about 20 minutes to do. I know you have a t-shirt lying around that you haven't worn in years. Put it to use with this awesome recycled t-shirt project!!

Stay Inspired.


  1. Simply marvelous!!!! Keep up the inspirations.


  2. I am all thumbs, but will give it a try. If not, I am going to get you to make several for me and will pay for them.

    1. I have no problem doing that for you lol

  3. Great job Shannon. Do you have a Pinterest site? Check out this blog:
    This Art That Makes Me Happy
    Vicki is a talented creator and when she gets back from Mexico, I will tell her to check out your blog. Keep up the good work. Your mom told me about your art and the front page picture of your painting. Nice job! So proud of you.

    1. THANKS!!! I'll be sure to check out her blog.