Friday, June 15, 2012

Creativity365 Day 48 & My Record Player

Today's Instructions: Work with only music media: old CDs, records, cassettes, eight-track cartridges, or reel-to-reel tapes, and/or their cases.

It's the last day of music week :( far as the blog is concerned. And todayyyyyy today today, I made a clock using an old record that no longer worked...

I think I'm going to spray paint the hands red. That or find some longer ones...and then spray paint those red. You can literally turn anything with a small hole in it into a clock. They sell clock kits at most craft stores. I purchased mine from Michaels. The kit I bought came with the numbers, hands, and battery-powered portion that turns the hands. Most clock kits come with instructions.

Battery-operated piece that moves the clock hands.

It's as simple as inserting the piece that makes the clock work through the hole, screwing it together, and then placing the hands on top. Again, the kit will tell you exactly how this should go. For the numbers, I just eyeballed it. I started with the 12, 3, 6,and 9 and once I had those straight, I placed the rest of the numbers an even distance in between. The only reason I wasn't a perfectionist with the numbers is because I personally didn't care that much and this clock is for me. Had I been making it for someone else, I probably would've broke out the protractor lol.

A custom clock is a really cool gift to give someone and/or a great conversation piece for your own abode. They sell plain, wooden clock faces at the craft store as well. Let me just state that I made this clock because the record was unplayable. I could never promote destroying a perfectly good record lol. I am not encouraging that. If you don't have any records in bad condition, just get a wood clock face or turn something else unique into a clock.

Now on to my record playerrrrrrrr...

I bought it from Target last Saturday. I had no plans on buying one, but I always wanted one and it looked cool enough. Also, it was on sale and I get 10% off at Target because I got connections lol. It was $69.99. Another reason I liked it was because it's portable. I'm probably never going to take it anywhere...but I just liked having the option lol. As far as the sound quality...I'm satisfied. It doesn't bring "the boom"...and I'm pretty sure it's not meant to, but it gets loud enough to enjoy in a smaller room. It has an RCA port in the back, so you can hook it up to some official speakers if you need "the boom". The first record I played was Roy Ayers "Mystic Voyage" :). I love Roy Ayers. If you were wondering whether or not I scratched the record like I was a DJ...the answer is of course I did lol. I had to...just one time. I have to start my own record collection now...I'm kind of excited about that. I'll be bumming them off my dad and aunt for now though. Have a great weekend and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers out there!!!!

Stay Inspired.

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