Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kids & Crafts | Bubble Prints

Last week, I began facilitating an arts & crafts workshop for kids at my church...the five to nine year olds. Lawd lol. This is my first time dealing with a group of kids so it's a learning process, but it's fun. Last week, I had them make art using glue, salt and watercolor paint. They seemed to enjoy it. I got the idea from Pink and Green Mama. Here are some pictures...

This week, they made bubble prints using...bubbles (from dish soap) and tempera paint.

All I used for this craft is....

Tempera paint ~ Dish Soap ~ Water ~ (5) Small round containers ~ Straws ~ Table Covers (<--A MUST)

I put about 1/2 a cup of water and about a tablespoon of dish soap into each container. You can also use actual bubble solution instead of dish soap. The paint was trial and error. I started with about two tablespoons, mixed everything together, then blew bubbles into the mixture with the straw and pressed a piece of white paper to the bubbles to see how well the color showed up. I did this until I got the desired vividness of color.

Before I stirred it all together...

I just thought it looked cool lol. I didn't take pics while the art was being created...there was wayyy too much going on. Here's a link to another site where they have a video that gives you a visual for how this works. These bubble prints can make cool artwork, wrapping paper, stationary, cards...whatever you can conceive putting it on.

They had fun with this one. Their favorite part was definitely blowing the bubbles and some decided to blow bubbles until the container overflowed and made a mess on the table...yayyyyyyyy. That's when I brought out the crayons and markers and shut the bubble blowing operation down lol. I would definitely recommend doing this outside. Try it out!!

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