Thursday, May 17, 2012

R.I.P. Chuck Brown “Godfather of Go-Go”

Legendary Chuck Brown
(August 22, 1936 - Forever)

When my best friend sent me a text yesterday asking if I heard Chuck Brown died, I completely disregarded it responding,“there was an untrue rumor that he died not too long ago...probably not.” Then, I got upset because I hate rumors like those. I looked up at my email and there it mom telling me Chuck Brown passed. Devastating. If you don’t know who Chuck Brown is, he is known as the “Godfather of Go-Go”, a style of music native to Washington, DC. He sang and played the guitar and is recognized as the founder and creator of go-go music. When I was listening to the radio, someone stated “Chuck Brown is to go-go music what Bob Marley is to reggae”. They were trying to help listeners understand how big he was. Well, I don’t even know how to properly...adequately articulate what he meant to the DC the world but, that’s a great comparison.

He was much bigger than the city he was from. He is recognized worldwide. People from all over love some Chuck. He made feel good music! I can’t think of one summertime cookout without hearing “Bustin’ Loose”...“It Don’t Mean a Thing”...”Run Joe” and the list goes on. His music will forever be attached to some great memories in my life. One of my most fun concert-going moments was his set! His music just made you happy and want to PARTY! It makes me smile.

As sad as this moment is to me, I want to celebrate him and rejoice because he lived a full life. He was rocking the crowd up to the age of 75!! That’s a blessing. I appreciate his contributions to music. Even more, I’m happy that he was appreciated while he was here. It’s one thing for everybody to come out talking about how much they loved you once you’re gone, but Chuck was LOVED while he was here. I wish I could’ve seen more of him. I was excited to be seeing him again this August, but I know he’s up in heaven windin’ somebody up lol. He’s in a much better place and is no longer in pain.

I know DC is going to wile out off this one and I’m going to be at somebody’s function celebrating his life, legacy, and music! My condolences go out to his family and friends, the DMV, and anybody whose heart is heavy. Thanks Chuck!


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