Friday, May 25, 2012

Creativity365 Day 42

Today's Instructions: Work only with toilet paper tubes and/or paper towel tubes today.

So today I'm revisiting the toilet paper tube. It's my mom's doing. Remember when I made these flowers?...

See post

She IMMEDIATELY relayed to me that I needed to "leave that stem off, take the button out the middle, stick a candle holder in there...the colors in my office are burgandy, grey and navy, I'll bring you some toilet paper tubes home...thanks."lol She's pretty crafty and has a lot to do with my liking to do crafts :). Well, this flower has some navy in it...hope it suffices as far as her color scheme goes. It's probably going to be mine though lol...I'll make some other ones for her.

The colors were inspired by my "I <3 AGGIES" pin. I graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University...not to be confused with any other Aggies out there...know us lol. Back to the flower, it's literally the exact same flower I made in Creativity365 Day 38. You can find instructions on how to do this there. I just didn't put on the stem or the button in the middle. I used a glue gun to attach the candle holder in the middle. These toilet paper tubes are pretty sturdy so it stands well and gets even firmer after painting. The candle holder in the center also adds weight. Well, try it out!!! We're reducing, reusing, and recycling outchea lol. Have a great weekend :)

Stay Inspired. 

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