Friday, May 4, 2012

Creativity365 Day 41

Today's Instructions: Mail art! Take an existing postcard and alter it, then send it to a random address (or anonymously to a friend), after documenting it, of course.

Revisiting this project. I did this one for Creativity365 Day 31 with subscription cards for magazines, but today, I'm working with some postcards I got from Coachella...yes, more memorabilia. This one was super easy. I love postcards, so I always try to get them from whatever place I'm visiting.

Here's what I did with them...

Here's what the frame looked like when I purchased it...

I simply spray painted the white border that came with it and taped the postcards in the middle of each rectangle. Then, I used some letter stickers and numbers for "Coachella" and "2012". That thing going diagonally across the top right corner is my wristband from Coachella. If I had a picture of myself or just a really cool picture of Coachella in general on hand, I would've put that in the center instead of a postcard...but I didn't at the time. Once I get some printed, I'll probably switch it out. Aaaaand that's all folks. Enjoy your weekend!

Stay Inspired.

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