Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blu | The Artist

Blu is a street artist from Bologna (yes, that's the real name), Italy. The first time I saw his art was a couple of years ago on YouTube. It was so simple moved!!! He creates cool art that can appear to walk around a room, bounce down the sidewalk, crawl through a construction site and then some. Some of his artwork covers the entire side of a building. What really amazes me is that he manages to keep his identity concealed while doing these huge projects and he is a well-known artist. Blu is his pseudonym. The video below is one of his animated wall-paintings called "BIG BANG BIG BOOM". I don't believe in the Big Bang theory or that man came from apes but I do love the animation and creativity. I must learn how to do stuff like this! I think I may incorporate it in one of my Creativity365 projects...maybe, depending on how hard it is lol. 

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