Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creativity365 Day 16

Today's Instructions: 52 pickup. Use a deck of cards to make something today, or make a unique playing card, or really challenge yourself and make an entirely original deck of cards.

I'm proud of this one...I turned an old deck of cards intoooooooo *drum roll*...two MIRRORS!!lol


You should try it!!! It's easy!

Materials & Tools
- Deck of cards
- GOLDEN GAC 100 (Acrylic polymer)
- Paintbrush and paint (whatever color you like)
- Magazine
- Xacto Knife
- Small mirrors
- Super glue


1. I made each mirror about 20 cards thick (you can make it as thin or thick as you want). Pinch the cards between your fingers like the picture below and use a small paintbrush to spread the acrylic polymer around the edges. You can also use regular, clear glue for this...I just used what was closest to me. 

2. Sit the glued cards under something a stack of books. Before you do this, make sure you don't have a bunch of glue on the top and bottom of the cards because it may end up getting stuck to something. You pretty much just want to get the glue on the sides. Also, make sure you do this on a nonporous surface. I sat mine on a cutting board and put a couple of heavy books on top. I let mine sit under the books a while because I had something else to do but 30 minutes should be fine...or you can just go by whatever the bottle of glue you use says for drying time.

3. After the cards dry, you're ready to add your designs. You can make this even easier by buying some playing cards that already have a design on the back. For the card stack below, I painted the whole thing tan, then used a straight edge to paint the orange strip. I made the S with a stencil. Once the paint dried, I went over it with the acrylic polymer to give it some shine.

For the other stack (shown below), I made a collage using cutouts from a magazine. This is where the Xacto knife comes in handy. It's hard to cut very small things with scissors...for me at least. I used a pencil to mark the cutouts where I needed to cut off more from the pieces that went over the edge or fell on the round corners of the card stack. I used a small paintbrush and the acrylic polymer to glue the pieces onto the cards. 

4. I used super glue to attach the oval mirror to the other side of the card stack. I purchased these mirrors from A. C. Moore.

...And now you have your own custom mirror. I'm probably going to buy small bags to put them in (like the ones below) since there's nothing protecting the mirror. 

Source: Gemstone Factory
That's all folks.

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