Monday, February 27, 2012

Paint A New Picture

The theme for my life this year is moving forward. No more dwelling on past mistakes, could've-beens, should've beens, and the why-didn't-I's. I've set goals for myself and I'm dead set on accomplishing them. I want to encourage you to keep it moving too. Maybe things didn't go exactly how you planned last year but you have been blessed to see this year and you should make the most of it! Take those trips you've been planning for years, write that book, start that business, go back to school, spend more time with your loved ones, be spontaneous...dust that list of things to do off and make plans to DO THEM!!

Just because something may not have worked out the first time around, doesn't mean it won't work. You only fail when you stop trying. I want to encourage you (and myself) to do things differently this aim higher and go further than you did before. Live a life that you'd be proud of. Make this year a masterpiece!!


  1. this is an wonderful post!
    life always happens its to be lived
    i go by the motto of live, learn and GROW!
    we can't help what happened in the past all we can do is learn from it and grow!