Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TrippinOut | Utah

So I went to Utah to visit my best friend this past weekend and every time I tell people I had a great time, they’re like, “Really?”lol. Yes, I did. The scenery >> While many parts did look pretty dry, the mountains provided the perfect backdrop on all sides. They made up for everything else. The rundown >> I finally tried IN-N-OUT Burger! It was really good and cheap...a winning combination. We went to Salt Lake City and Park City and walked around to the different shops and restaurants. I got to sample the Original Tri-tip sandwich at Bandits Grill & Bar (Park City), which I was told was “like a small piece of heaven” lol…I concur. We even got to venture into an art gallery when we were in Park City. I don’t know much about architecture but, the design of the homes and shopping areas were gorgeous. They had a log cabin/contemporary feel with some really cool angles and colors. I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it sounds right lol.

All of that was cool, but the pinnacle was our outdoors adventure at the Great Salt Lake! We went to Antelope Island, which is in the middle of the lake. It was soooooo beautiful out there and, lucky for us, a super sunny 60 degrees!!! We were both very overdressed. We drove around to different parts of the island exploring and taking pictures. It felt very national geographic. We actually just got finished watching National Geographic and were so suped up, that we got really close to a bison to take some pics lol.

My senses were overwhelmed. Looking at pictures of mountains, lakes, and wide-open spaces is one thing but to be there is…there are no words. This trip definitely made me realize that I want to travel a lot more and see more of what nature has to offer. I’m surrounded by cities, construction, cars, and an abundance of people all the time. It felt good to stand in the middle of nature that has been unaltered by man. This whole trip was a blast. When you’re with great people, you can have a great time anywhere.

Here are some of the pictures we took :). 


We thought we were doing something here lol...
...and here.
Oh and my bf even set up a painting session on the last day…I was inspired by the shapes, colors, and mountains and this is what I came up with…

*Wondering where to go next?* The Grand Canyon maybe?

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