Friday, February 17, 2012

My Artwork

It would probably be a good idea to share some of my artwork since I told you I paint right? Well, here it is. The pictures go from my most current works to the oldest. I love to create bright, energetic paintings and I'm often inspired by music, nature, or anything I find beautiful or inspiring at the time really. All of my artwork is done with acrylic paint... Oh, and I don't have my website up yet, but for inquiries about my artwork, you can email me here >> unparalleledart@gmail.     

"Untitled"...I love big hair :)
"I Love Music"
"Amazing Grace"
"Lost Ones"
"Don't Worry About a Thing"
"There is No Greater Love"
"Tickled Ivory" 
"What's Going On?"
"In Deep Thought"