Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Books I Love

Just wanted to share some of the books that keep me inspired. It's a good idea to keep inspirational material around for when your creativity hits a roadblock...even if it doesn't. Since I paint, most of my books revolve around that subject but I also have many books on arts & crafts and creativity in general. Excuse the fran├žais in some of these titles lol...

The Art of Drawing People by Walter Foster- I want to get better at drawing people. This book is full of techniques for drawing the human form.

How to Draw Comics by Stan Lee- I like to experiment with different styles of drawing. I also appreciate the artwork in comics so I had to get this book.

Rethinking Acrylic: Radical Solutions for Exploiting the World's Most Versatile Medium by Patti Brady- One of my more heavily used books. It is full of different ways you can use acrylic paint. I learned many new techniques from it.

Acrylic Revolution: New Tricks & Techniques for Working with the World's Most Versatile Medium by Nancy Reyner- Another book I've learned a lot from for the same reasons above.

Art Saves: Stories, Inspiration, and Prompts Sharing the Power of Art by Jenny Doh- This book just gives short, inspirational stories from various artists about how they use their art to inspire others, how they overcame challenges along the way, and how they create some of their art.

The Big-A** Book of Crafts by Mark Montano- I love this book. It's full of super cool crafty ideas and amazing pictures AND he came out with The Big-A** Book of Crafts 2 last October so be sure to check that out too.

1000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art by Cristian Campos- I don't have any plans on going out and tagging the side of a building if you were wondering lol...I just really love that style of art and I sometimes incorporate it in my artwork.

How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith- This book is full of random activities to spark your imagination. For example, People Watching: Sit in a public location and document people you see for one hour. Take detailed notes. Make sketches of one item that stands out most about each person....stuff like that :).

P.S.- I Made This by Erica Domesek- I LOVE this book!!!! She takes everyday items/unused items/no-longer-worn clothes and revamps them into something cute and fashionable. This is a great book for DIYers and fashionistas.

Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn- I haven't experimented with this yet but the time will come. I just like looking at the pictures for now lol. Some of the bead designs have inspired my color choice in some of my paintings.

Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts- This is another book full of inspiration, encouragement and techniques for mixed media artists.

Creative Time and Space by Rice Freeman-Zachery- This book is about learning to make time for creativity and creative ways to do so. "Discover ways to keep the creative part of your brain engaged even during activities such as shopping or doing "business work" on the computer."

Trust the Process: An Artist's Guide to Letting Go by Shaun McNiff- I haven't read this book yet. A little excerpt from the back..."Whether in painting, poetry, performance, music, dance, or life, there is an intelligence working in every situation. This force is the primary carrier of creation. If we trust it and follow its natural movement, it will astound us with its ability to find a way through problems--and even make creative use of our mistakes and failures."

The Art of Teaching Art to Children by Nancy Beal- I honestly didn't have a specific reason for buying this book when I did. Teaching art to kids seemed fun...not that I thought I could just read one book and then be an art teacher lol. However, an opportunity has recently come my way where I may be able to do just that...not full time, but as a volunteer. This is an inspiring, well-written, user-friendly book for anyone interested. Also, there is a section in each chapter for parents that want to teach art their children.

A Daily Creativity Journal 365 by Noah Scalin- A book full of 365 projects that exercise the left brain. This is the book that all my Creativity365 projects are coming from. I'm on day 9...I think. Be sure to check all those out if you haven't. This book can definitely help to overcome creative roadblocks. It's full of inspirational, fun things.

And there you have it! Some of the books I love :)

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