Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creativity365 Day 23

Today's Instructions: Create a portmanteau and use it. Bonus: Illustrate it! Extra Credit: Get others to use it as well.

Portmanteau: A new word created by sticking together parts of two preexisting words, whose meaning is basically a blend of the two original words. A well-known portmanteau is spork, which is a combination of spoon and fork
Perhaps if I spent more time on this one I would've come up with something more creative but this was inspired by hunger and it's my favorite food!!!!!

Pepperoni   +   Pizza   =   Pepperizza!!! 

I didn't do an illustration's just a pepperoni pizza BUT I did go for the extra credit and got someone else (my friend Britni) to use it :). She added an extra P in there, but we're going to let that slide lol. 

I'm hungry again....

Can you think of any interesting portmanteaus? 

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