Monday, March 12, 2012

Creativity365 Day 25

Today's Instructions: Work only with, or be inspired by, measuring devices today, such as rulers, tape measurers, and measuring cups. 

Today, I created this...

It's inspired by a project in a book I mentioned before, P.S. - I made this..., by Erika Domesek. I'm going to have to revisit this one because I couldn't find the materials I wanted to use for this necklace. For one, I couldn't find the right size triangle rulers. I wanted them to be a couple inches smaller. It's not school supply buying season, so I guess that's why there weren't a lot of options at the stores I went to *shrug*. Two, I wanted them to be clear. I couldn't find that a small size. I'll probably just order some online.

Anywho, this was very easy to make. Here are the instructions.


  • Two Triangle Rulers
  • Chain (can be found in jewelry section of Michaels or A. C. Moore)
  • 2 Safety Pins


1. Cut the chain to your desired length.
2. Connect the triangle rulers to the chain using the safety pins. I used paper clips because I couldn't find my safety pins...but you want large safety pins.

And that's pretty much it. You can play around with the different ways the triangles can be placed on top of each other. I'll update you when I get the materials I had in my imagination lol. Give it a try!!

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