Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creativity365 Day 26

Today's Instructions: Make a puzzle or make something using pieces from a puzzle.

I made "best friend" puzzle piece necklaces. I kept this one pretty simple. Simple was all I had time for lol. Here they are!

You can take this so much further. You can paint the puzzle pieces, write on them, decorate them and on and on and on. This would be a cool activity to do with a group of your friends or kid(s). There are TONS of tutorials on the internet for great ideas on what to do with those stray puzzle pieces you may have lying around. I went out and bought a new puzzle to purposely destroy lol...mostly because of all those great ideas on internet I just told you about.

Here are the instructions for the necklaces.


  • 2 Puzzle pieces that fit together
  • 2 Thin Chains (Can be thicker, but since my puzzle pieces were so small, I used a thin chain) One pack of chain should be enough to make at least two necklaces.
  • 4 Jump rings
  • 2 Spring rings
  • An awl (for poking holes)...or another sharp object you have that can make small holes
  • Tweezer or needle nose pliers
  • Clear nail polish

Chain  -  Spring Rings  -  Jump Rings
All of these things can be found at arts & craft stores. I got my stuff from Michaels.

1. Pick your two puzzle pieces and poke a small hole in them with the awl that is big enough to fit your chain through.

2. Paint puzzle pieces with clear nail polish. This will help to waterproof it and give it a nice shine. It is paper and you don't want to end up with a soggy necklace.

3. After the puzzle pieces dry, pull the chain through the holes you created. You may have to cut the chain to your desired length. I used scissors for mine. Add a jump ring (pictured above) to both sides of the chain and a spring ring (also pictured above) to one side for closure to your necklace. Use your tweezers or pliers to open and then close the jump rings. I used tweezers. *SIDENOTE: In retrospect, it might be better to put a larger jump ring through the hole in your puzzle piece then run the chain through the jump ring...this will allow the puzzle piece to lay flat on your chest and stay on one side.* I'm just going to do this one over again some time next week lol.

And you're done!!!

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